We are Unwavering to Quality


We provide reliable, proven and quality broiler poultry feed. We use high quality raw material. In addition to carefully selected ingredients, out feeds are supplemented with required amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other additives required for optimum health and productivity. We focuses on lowering production costs and increasing body weight within shortest possible span with high quality balanced feed. An objective of providing quality feed for poultry with a nutritionally balanced diet and an assured performance. Icon Poultry Private Limited has its own feed mills as well as trucking operations to transport. With the production capacity of a thousand tons per annum.



Benefits of Our Feeds

1. Improved Feed conversion Ratio (FCR) with least cost. 2. High weight gain with high meat quality. 3.Less feed wastage due to good quality. 4. Improved immunity and Higher Livability. 5. Least medication cost. 6. Healthy gut improved nutrient absorption.